The Runners….

27 12 2008

It just occurred to me that I never took the time to acknowledge all of the runners that traveled with me on this journey.  These are not all the people that finished in Panama, only the people that started together in Alaska.  We added some very special people along the way.

They Are, Beginning in Alaska:

Kuikani, Izcatlocan, Aztlan (Arizona, U.S.)

Dominque, (aka Doms, Niki) Izcatlocan, Aztlan

Emoat, (aka Berta) San Diego, CA

Brenda, (aka Beba) LA, CA

Arturo, (aka Tudy) San Diego, CA

Pablo, (Peety Pab) Las Cruces, Nuevo Mexico

Jose, (aka Jose Malvido, North American Coordinator) Ajo, Arizona

Twast, (aka Crystal) Bella Coola, So called BC, Canada

Enrique, (aka Mexica Tuihui) Washington, U.S., Michoacan, Mexico

Of all of these people only one did not make it all the way to Alaska. The rest of us were all able to make it there. There were also a few other very special people that were not able to go the whole way, but who began the journey with us in Alaska.

They are

Elizabeth, Berot, Alaska

Kelsey, Brooklyn, New York

Juan Carlos, Brooklyn New York

Adriana, San Francisco, CA

Lupe, San Francisco, CA

Cindy, San Francisco, CA

Liza, Phoenix, Arizona

Anabel, Phoeniz, Arizona

Much love to all of these eight runners (the last 5 flew and met us along the route as well to meet us in Panama. And to other runners who ran on other routes that I never met or who joined us along the way. It was special to have all of you. Some of you I remember vividly and others I was unable to even chat with.

The work has already begun for the next journey in 2012. We had a meeting last week to discuss the runs we will begin organizing in the San Diego region. I look forward to working with you on this journey that has already begun.



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