Now What….???

4 12 2008

I’m going to Disneyland…!!! no i’m just kidding.

Seriously, I took a direct flight from Panama City to LAX (7hrs) and then my sister was nice enough to pick me up and we drove 2hrs to get home.  Had to make a stop at Roberto’s for a carne asada burrito.  (all my sd friends will know what that is).

I’ve been home for two days and things are slowly starting to sink in.  I already miss some of the people from the run.  I developed a deep connection with some of the people i began this journey with and will always have them in my heart.  There were also those people that i only met once and still remember and want to visit them again.

built some strong connections with some amazing people all the way from Anchorage, Alaska to the Panama Canal and beyond.  I plan to begin traveling immediately and will be heading to LA this weekend then to the CA Bay Area to visit old friends and maybe connect with new ones.

Part of the energy behind this journey is the relationships that are built by meeting people face to face in a spiritual context.  I feel that the ancestors knew that we had to return to our roots to do this work of building unity, solidarity and community.  This journey incorporates our traditions in many ways, but in this case i refer to running, carrying of staffs, ceremony, prayer, intertribal gatherings.  This journey has done this in an incredible way.  our work now is to maintain the connection we have built.

I invite you to stay in touch and i will do the same.  I hope to visit the closest places first, but northern california is calling to me.  My Pomo relatives impressed me and i look forward to learning more from them.

one love to all my people, all nations.


The Ngobe Bugle Nation keeping their culture alive through the youth

The Ngobe Bugle Nation in Northern Panama keeping their culture alive through the youth



5 responses

6 12 2008

Welcome back, the world is now your home!!!

7 12 2008

Felicidades and many blessings bro!
Thank you for your prayers, your sacrifice, and energies for the many staffs, communities, nations, and families that are peace & dignity.

Every step & prayer is appreciated and much needed these days. Your ancestors and relations must be proud. Continue walking in beauty.


22 12 2008

i was on indymedia and surprised to find p and d story in the second posting. reading your blogs and seeing the photos only makes me long for the journey to take its physical place again.

23 12 2008
Barbara Blind

Hi Abel, so glad to have found you in cyberspace. Made it back to Canada in one piece, missed my flight out of Panama, but I think it was because I didn’t want to leave all of the new friends I made there, well all the runners.
my daughter and her children are in San Diego right now, I so very much want to be there.

23 12 2008
Barbara Blind

write me at

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