We Made It…!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 11 2008

It was an incredible journey as many of you may know, but the stories behind are too numerous to tell in this small space.  I am happy to know that I made it to the Panama Canal in one piece.  I would never change the experience for anything.  I´m so glad that I followed this path that the created placed in front of me.

We all worked very hard to continue this work of fullfiling the prophecies of our ancestors.

We have all moved that much closer to make it a reality.  The rest of the journey for all of us now begins.

The six & a half months that i spent living on the journey have been beautiful and challenging.  I learned so much about myself and others.  I learned spiritual lessons as well.

I will continue to right about those experiences in this blog and also continue to add pictures.  I apologize for the last few weeks, but we were so behind schedule, we had little time to sleep let alone update my blog, but we finally made it.

i leave you all with this first lesson in the beginning of this next chapter……

The Sacred Fire: I learned that the fire is the only sacred element that has yet to be contaminated.  Our air, water and earth are all poisened by the mess we make everday, but the fire continues to burn with all of the power that is was given when it was first given to us.

Because of that the Fire is still very sacred and pure.  It can be used for many things, but the most important thing it can be used for is healing.  Give all of your pain to the fire, make your offerings and leave them there.  The fire will take care of it for you.

I look forward to seeing many of you again when I return home.  Much love to all of those that supported this run and who will continue to support this run for many years to come.

The prophecy will be fullfilled and indigenous people will lead the way to Peace and Dignity for all humankind.

To all my relations



2 responses

21 11 2008

Felicidades Abel!!!!! No estas solo, we are there with you in spirit. I am so proud of you and your commitment to this journey.

22 11 2008

Abel, I cannot believe that you and all the other runners have completed this leg of the journey. I feel honored to know of the journey and to know people who sacrifice and commit so much to improving the state of life for all peoples. I hope that you continue this blog on your journey through life. With all of the lesson you have learned, with all the beautiful people who have shared time with– it will be great to see what you do next.

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