El Salvador Will Not Let Us Go…..

27 10 2008

We have traveled many places since Chiapas.  We passed through Guatemala with no contacts and sometimes we didn´t know where we were going to sleep.  The country was beautiful but the journey was hard for some of us.  Somebody, got there passport stolen twice and had to go back home.  We are kinda stuck here in El Salvador because we don´t have paperwork for the Chenan Van and we just ran into more trouble with another vehicle.

Other than that life has been great, because a women named Angelita is  taking care of us and letting us sleep at her house.  She feeds us everyday too.

oh and i forgot i almost died at the beach the other day when i went swimming, but it´s o.k. i´m still alive and kicking up dust.

We should be leaving here in a few days, which means we will have to run everyday straight until we get to Panama.

I will write more later, for now much love to all the people out there who read my blog.  oh and the closing ceremony is on NOVEMBER 14-17, sorry for the late info.

one love,




5 responses

27 10 2008
Jaime Diego

Your almost there bro…still prayin’ for you…Jaime D

29 10 2008

Be careful of the ocean…”she don’t like violence but she can throw those things so don’t let your guard down” In my years of surfing I have had a couple of close calls- scary… be careful. I can’t believe you are a few weeks away from Panama!!! Keep up the good work. A lot of folks are thinking you runners and sending you good energy.

31 10 2008

Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers. You are so blessed, and you are a blessing to so many on your journey. Thank you for sharing your photos. There are so many beautiful places made for us to enjoy!
Keep spreading LOVE!
Lots of Love
your auntie

31 10 2008
agustin palacios

Abel, I am coming to Panama bro. I am trying to get the info on the run and ceremony so that I know where to go. I know that it will be on Panama city. If you could please send me the specific info I would appreciate it, my email is
peace brother and take care.

2 11 2008

love you so much mister. that’s all.

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