Chiapas, the beautiful struggle

8 10 2008
The runners arriving to Acteal, Chiapas

The runners arriving to Acteal, Chiapas

We arrived within the fog in Acteal.  The run up the mountain was beautiful.  We saw many people along the road traveling with their children and wood to their homes in the mountains of Chiapas.  Acteal is a small village where a massacre took place in 1997.  The Mexican military massacred 45 men, women and children.  Two women were pregnant and everyone that was murdered were in the middle of praying near there church.  There is more to the story, but for now i will say that the Abejas are keeping the struggle and memory alive of the martyrs that were murdered that day.  They also presented a staff in the form of a blue cross that is wrapped in a white manta that says Paz Acteal.  the cross represents one of the spirits of the martyrs and the staff will carry the story of Acteal to all the continent.



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12 10 2008

Abel- your updates keep getting better. Everyone in SF sends you their greetings and love. It is sunday and I am keeping my phone with me today so I won’t miss another call…But if we don’t talk know that I miss you and love you and am thinking of you often.

13 10 2008
liz :)

Hey Abel,

May God continue to bless you and all you team of runners 🙂

liZ 🙂

14 10 2008

I wish I there with you guys

19 10 2008

Hola hermano!

Saludos desde Chiapas, ojála que el camino vaya bien.

Solo un buen pensamiento desde el corazón para todos y todas.

Buen camino

24 10 2008
agustin palacios

hola hermano, wow, so you are almost there! i am seriously thinking flying to Panama and witnessing this historic event. suerte and gracias for all the sacrifices you give to the sacred sites.

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