Zapatista Rising….!!!

5 10 2008


It’s good to be able to right to everyone out there.  We finally have a rest day here in San Cristobal de las Casas.  It has been a fast ride.

The last few days we have stayed in a school called CiDiSi.  It is a totally free school for mostly Maya youth that live in the area, but people from all over Mexico and other places attend.  They can attend workshops to obtain many different skills.

From there we traveled to Acteal.  In 1997 the Mexican military masacred 45 innocent Mayan people.  Whole families were massacred including two pregnant women.

We payed are respects at the tomb that was constructed to honor

The Staff Returns

The Staff Returns

them.  From there we traveled to Oventic and visited with the Zapatistas.  We returned the staff that they had presented in 2004.  The village or Caracol had a good feel to it.  It felt very peaceful and good to be in this autonomous indigenous community.

We will visit one more EZLN Caracol tomorrow and then we head into Guatamala.



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5 10 2008
Ill Nana


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