Oaxaca, already..!!

27 09 2008

It´s been so long since i´ve had a chance to write and we have been through so many places.  I just started writing and there already telling me we have to leave.

We are near Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.  The rain has been constant in the region so we had to change our route.  We are unable to travel inland toward the mountain region due to bad road conditions, so we are staying near the coast.

Here is a quick run down of where i have been and i will try to write more and post some pictures later.


Teotihuacan, stayed at Teocalli de Quetzacoatl for 3 days.

Zocalo, in Mexico City


The birth place of Quetzacoatl.

The birth place of Cuahtemoc

The place of Xipetotec where they have a ceremony every year to honor him.

Michoacan, Morelos, Guerrero and currently Oaxaca.

sorry for the brief update, will write more soon



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