Guadalajara, Jalisco

2 09 2008
Runners arrive to offer danza with Cuahtemoc

Runners arrive to offer danza with Cuahtemoc

Hey Family,

Hope all is well back home. The rain has been hitting us hard lately. We enter a pueblo Juanito de Augustin and it was raining so much the street was like a river. Kuikani was carrying the main staff that day and she just keept on going up that river. It was nuts. All the women ended up in front that day, it was a good day, despite all the rain. That evening we slept outside under a huge shelter and at 2 in the morning the rain came back, but this time harder and with thunder and lightening. We had to pick up all the staff so they wouldn´t get wet. It was a long night.

We have seen been to two sights with pyramids so far. The first was in Ixtlan del Rio, but i didn´t have my camera, so hopefully I can get some from another runner. The second place was Teuchitlan, where the pyramids are actually round. I got some good pics there, but i’m having trouble getting them on the web on these computers.

Last night we arrived in Guadalajara, Jalisco and today we have a rest day. I get a chance to finally do some laundry after all my clothes had got soaked. We had to wash all the blankets as well, because a storm hit us right in the middle of our closing ceremony. Some one (Tudy) asked Twast to sing the Thunderbird song and along came the rain.

That´s life i guess. Last night we danced in front of the Cuahtemoc statue here in GDL, it was cool and we are staying at a family´s house in Zapopan. We also had a really good sweat last night, that helped me get rid of some things.

Thanks to all those reading the blog and for your comments.



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4 09 2008

Hey Tatzin! See i do read your blog. It sounds like you have been having some intense but beautiful times. If you get this on time, can you ask Dominique and Cuicani, or any of the other runners if there is anything they need that I can send with Liza?

Take care! Many blessings on your journeys!

4 09 2008
liZ :)

Hi Abel,
Como siempre hope all is well. Your pictures are awesome. Live and learn I had never seen a round pyramid, it’s beautiful! Take care.

liZ : )

4 09 2008

Hey Sweetie! Just showing some love. Wow the pics are beautiful. So are your feet all wrinkly?!! u know cuz of the rain… =) haha
take care.

5 09 2008

I can not believe it is already sept. and that you and the other runners have traveled sooo far. I feel honored just knowing that this is happening. I miss you and always enjoy the updates and the photos.

21 09 2008

Abel, les mando mi energia y mis mejores deseos, me gustaria saber si ya pasaron por Michoacan, oy es 21 de Sep. yo personalmente trate de comunicarme con los cordinadores, no tube suerte, si todavia no hsn pasado por nuestra region hasme saber…
Suerte y muy buena vibra par todos!

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