Already in Nayarit

25 08 2008

what´s up family,

hope all are well back home, from all my new friends from Alaska to Mexico.  I am in the state of Nayarit, Mexico.  Today we arrived in Luis, Nayarit, which is just outside of Tuxpan.  Yesterday we were in Sinaloa in a pueblo called Huajicori.  it was a nice pueblo, with stone paved streets and a serenity i couldn´t explain.

It was a huge change from Mazatlan, where we spent four days.  Mazatlan is beautiful, with it´s beaches and old colonial buildings.  Some built in the 1870´s.  i have some nice pics, but no way of posting them up.

Since we left the Yaqui territory we have visited with the Mayo´s and with Tepehuano´s.  The weather has changed a lot and we are humid, rainy weather.  All my stuff has gotten wet two days in a row, once right after i had just washed all my clothes.

Today the Chenan Van (blue and white, ford) got a flat tire, but that´s not bad since it made it all the way from Alaska on the same four tires.

The Blue Bomber (gray and blue, chevy) is doing great..!! (knock on wood)  it has new tires that Zeta bought and a great graffitii paint job, thanks to Prophet 1 from Oakland, CA.

we will be in Durango for a day then it´s off to Jalisco and Guadalajara, where we will have our day off.  We then head to Michoacan, then towards Mexico City and arrive on Sept 16…!!!  can´t wait to see what that will be like.

Forgot to mention our stop at Las Labradas, where we seen ancient rock carvings.  The Chenan van got stuck in the mud for about an hour.. that sucked but we got it out.

hope this update finds you all well and will keep trying to update all of you as much as possible.

oh, and i lost my ATM card in Mazatlan, so that posed a challenge but my sis wired me some money until i can get to mexico city.

take care all my peace and dignity family,




3 responses

25 08 2008

I miss you Abel! See you in Mexico City (sounds like me and your ATM card…)

26 08 2008
Jaime D

Keep runnin’ – we are praying for you all!

How’s the tent holding up? Keeping u dry, I hope.

Enjoy Mexico on the 16th!

Paz, Jaime Diego

2 09 2009
Huichol lost art not lost in the digital age

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