Mexico…a different place

11 08 2008

We crossed the border in Nogales, Arizona into Mexico.  We met up with three runners from Mexico, Chango, Angel y Ivan.  They are leading our way through the area.  Our first stop was Magdalena.  Many people from Arizona y Mexico make an annual pilgramage to Magdalena for the St. Francis.  The next day we headed to the Yaqui village of Sarmiento.  The next day we headed towards La Bahia de Kino which is a tourist destination and kept going through towards the desert and ended up in small village of a Seri community.  It was cool there.

I think i´m getting used to the fact that there is no running water or electricity in many of these places.  Food is scarce and so far we usually bring our own food so some of the community can eat as well.

Life is challenging for native people here in Mexico.  It breaks my heart to see the extreme poverty and inhumane conditions in these parts.  The trash all over the place and many of it is plastic coke bottles.

We are headed towards Culican and Mazatlan then Vicam, which is a Yaqui stronghold.



2 responses

12 08 2008

Great pictures Abel! Thanks for the post, and I am sure I speak for many when i say that I am looking forward to reading them all.

18 08 2008

(starry eyed *^*) you’re in mexico…lindo.

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