Arizona, a hot place to be…!!

1 08 2008

Oh my goodness.  it is freaking hot out here.  now i really appreciate the weather in Alaska, Yukon and Canada.  It’s all right though i will survive.  We are running the staffs T-O style right now, which means we can’t Centipede or pass the staffs.  We are having a hard time but we will get through.  The weather is over 100 degrees and it’s hard to run.  We have been getting up at 3am to start running and try to beat the heat.  It helps a little but by the time we finish it is super hot.

We met up with the other runners that ran through Central Ca.  so it was so good to see part of the crew that i started off in Alaska with.

I will be entering into Mexico in the next few days so my updates may be more sporadic, but hopefully not.  I am still trying to post some pictures soon.  i promise.

The Tohono O’ odham nation are a strong people and we are being led through their territory by some strong warriors.  Lots of strong youth representing their people.  they even sang us a Running  Song.  we also spent an hour on their radio station KOHN 91.9 look it up on the web.

Ok that’s it for now till next time.

one love



One response

5 08 2008

I thought we had hot weather here in LA! Mexico? It seems like you were here not so long ago. Good luck and say hi to my abuelita j/k

liZ 🙂

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