California a Big State

25 07 2008

So I have been through the three largest cities on the west coast in the last couple of weeks.  It has all gone by so fast.  I have seen so many friends and made so many new ones.  I heard stories from the elders that have been doing this work since before Peace and Dignity even began.  Adelina, Chumash elder from Santa Inez and Carlos Barron in Los Angeles were great examples of people who have stayed in this beautiful struggle for the long haul.

Thank you to all the capulli’s in San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco Los Angeles, Ventura, Anaheim, and San Diego.  The amount of love we were shown was great.

We arrived in our first big city in the state in Oakland and San Francisco.  We connected with the people and the ancestors in the Mission District, SF the Ohlone ancestors in Everyville.  We then visited with the Mexicas and Muwekma in San Jose.  We layed down our staffs in Indian Canyon in a beautiful circle that has been constructed under the leadership of Ann Marie.  We received good energy from Watsonville and danced with the ancestors.  We prayed with Greg in Ventura at the sacred site where developers threatened to build apartments.  He was able to stop them from continueing.  We visited with many communities going south towards LA and San Diego.

I will write more on LA and San Diego next time.  I stayed at the Barrio Station in San Diego and today we are headed to Manzanita Indian Reservation Kumeyaay  land  and will be staying with  Nick Elliot.  From there we  will  go to Calexico then into Arizona.  We were joined by a family from the Tohono ‘o odom nation in LA and they will guide us through there territory for the next week.

I will be leaving my laptop computer in San Diego to lighten my bag so i will have to depend on others to access the web, but i will continue to work to update all my Peace and Dignity Family all the way to Panama.

I promise i will post some new pictures soon.

one love, one spirit




One response

31 07 2008
Polly Hyslop

Yes, send pictures when you can. I will miss your stories. It seems so long ago that you stopped in Northway. However, remember that we are running alongside all of you as your continue your journey. We are one in spirit here. All the best.

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