In Guadalupe, CA Chumash Territory

14 07 2008

Sorry for the delay on updates people.  We are now in central coast California.  We stayed with the Chumash people in Guadalupe Ca.  We were also greeted warmly by the local danza group.  We will be arriving in El Serreno and making a stop at Semillas de Pueblo then staying the night in El Serreno Middle School on July 18th and 19th.

This is LA County for those that are unfamiliar with the area.  I will try to post some pictures soon.  Thank you to all the people in California that have supported us so far.  It has been great.  To all my Alaska, and Canada friends, thank you for staying in touch.

San Francisco, Oakland, Ya-ka-ama, Indian Canyon and many more have been so gracias and supportive.  Shout out to the Pomo Nation for representing and sending warrior Armando with us.

stayed tuned for the next update,

ya-wee (thank you, Pomo)

Abelitzin, (Xicano)



3 responses

16 07 2008

Glad to hear everyone has treated you well..
How about San Jo?
How was your treatment there??
Heard they were very welcoming.. lol

22 07 2008
Carlos C. Barrón

I realize you haven’t had time to update your Journal but I want to acknowledge your arrival, stay and departure from El Sereno (ELA) this past weekend. The concerted efforts of School Board President Monica Garcia (LAUSD), the American Indian Parent Committee, Los Angeles Indigenous Peoples Alliance (LAIPA), Padres de Cara y Corazon and our office in hosting you and the other runners was hopefully fruitful and restful in your continued effort to transverse the continent and lay prayers of peace and dignity for all peoples. I look forward to reading your entry on your visit with us. I hope it was as memorable to you as it was to us.

26 07 2008
Karen Evangelista

Sorry we didn’t respond sooner now that your lap top is resting in SD. We were so proud, so proud of our Nations of Indian peoples. Your journey is a great sacrafice, so much meaning to our Indian people. We pray for you everyday and hope that you continue in good health. Our gratitude is far more then you can imagine. Thank you for your website and keeping us informed.

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