I’m going back to Cali…

1 07 2008

So if you can believe that i’m already in Cali…!!! We crossed into the golden state yesterday.  We stayed at a campsite that was right near the beach.  We had a wonderful family run with us from Coos Bay.  They also presented a staff with beautiful Flicker feathers on it.  From there we ran into Smith River and actually closed our ceremony on the beach, it was so nice to actually to have our closing on the sand.  Today we received some awesome support from a wonderful group of youth from Smith River.  They have a very strong community there and are doing great work with reclaiming there language and recovering from the California Indian Holocaust.  We thought we had to run 140 miles, but found out about a back road to Hoopa.  Then we found out about the fires occuring in California and how it was unsafe for us to even enter into the Hoopa reservation.  We were redirected to continue down the 101 freeway into Arcata where we are staying tonight.  I hope to post some more pictures soon.  Tomorrow i will be recording a radio interview, when i found out broadcast info i will post it.

Thank you to the people from 7th Generation Fund for taking care of us this evening.



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2 07 2008
JD Chavez

Welcome back to Cali…we missed you! Be careful what route you take in northern Cal- there have been over 1,000 wildfires. Keep running & we will see you soon. -Jaime D

3 07 2008

hey Abel! thank you for the snip on us and the closing ceremony on the beach! You were on the front page of our local paper. Maybe you can view it at triplicate.com I will also be putting your website address in our monthly newsletter! say hi to the crew and thank you for touching our hearts! Briannon

7 07 2008
Polly Hyslop

HI Abel – I love reading your website. I just got back from NYC. Take care and God Bless you. From Polly in Alaska

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