In Oregon

23 06 2008

I must say the Portland Danza community is the bomb.  They came together in a great way and received us with Danza and a beautiful altar.  I hope to post a picture of it soon.

We just arrived in Portland yesterday and it was a great day.  We ended up staying an extra day in Chehalis with Tony and Jason Medina.  They are both awesome people.  Jason hooked up our Dodge Van with a cooling fan for the transmission and installed a new yoke for the driveline.  He believes it will make it to Panama now.  It was good hanging with him and working on the van.  I love working on cars, so it was great to be able to help him get the van in shape.  Tony hooked up the youth center and we stayed an extra day, due to a death in the next community.  Some runners including the Purepechas, ran about 40 miles that day and made the 100 miles we had to cover shorter.

As we came into Portland yesterday we met some runners who led us to the Native American Youth and Family Services center.  Claudia and her brother led us about 10 miles to NAYA and there was about 40 danzantes waiting for us along with the community and a beautiful circle/altar.  We were so tired, but many of the runners danced along with them.  We had a great dinner, (mole, salad, buffalo stew, fruit, jamaica, horchata arroz, frijoles…mmmmmm good)  We camped out last night and are resting a day here.  Tomorrow the group will spread into 2 routes and i will head towards the coast of Oregon/Cali and Hector’s group will head towards the central valley.



One response

26 06 2008

WOW. I’m so excited for you guys to make it to California. Love the stories, love the pictures, thank you I feel connected to you guys once again even if i’m not there.

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