In Washington

18 06 2008

The last few days have been challenging, but we are getting through it.  Our large van broke down for the second time since it was purchased.  We pooled our money and were able to have the transmission repaired.  It came out to $1,164.  The bad news is the mechanic couldn’t guarantee that the van would make it past Oregon..!!!  The last two days the runners were split in half and 9 of the runners continued on to the next destination.  The other 10 of us stayed behind in Lower Elwha with the Klallam Nation.  The runners continued on to Macah.  One of our sacred runners, Spel’quax, was severely dehydrated after running and went into a sweatlodge that night.  He passed out and was flown to Seattle for emergency care.  We heard that he gained conscience this morning and is doing better.

The van was repaired this morning and we drove to Quileute to meet the rest of the runners.  We arrived just as they were doing the closing circle, it was perfect timing.  Then I found out my good comrade Enrique had to return to take care of his lost identification.  Hopefully he gets it taken care of quickly so he can return to the run.

The runners will be arriving in Portland, Oregon on June 22 and then we will be spreading into two different routes.  We are looking for runners and support vehicles as well.  Contact me if you are interested.

Thank all of you who have posted comments,  it feels good to know people are checking out the blog.  I have very limited time to respond so i may not be able to reply to any comments.

Much love to all my family and friends.



One response

23 06 2008

The pictures you posted are amazing. Keep your head up and good luck on your on-going journey 🙂

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