Route update

30 05 2008

Sorry, everyone, we have been mainly camping and for some reason i can’t get wireless??? (just kidding).  I only have a spare minute and it’s back on the road.  I will be posting more pictures and writing in a couple of days.  For now i just wanted to update people on our route.

When we got to Watson Lake the group spread into two groups.  I am on the route that is going towards the coast.  Another group of runners is going inland.

Today I am in Burns Lake and the part of the group is going towards Bella Coola.  They will meet back with us on June 7 in Canoe Creek Hot Spring.

Here is the main route and the Tributary Route coming from Bella Coola.

             Main Route:                             Tributary Route:

May 29 Burns Lake                                Burns Lake

May 30 Stellaque (Slenya)                     Drive to Bella Coola

May 31 Vanderhoof (Stoney Creek)       Bella Coola

June 1 Prince George                             Bella Coola

June 2 Prince George                             Bella Coola

June 3 Prince George                             Stewie

June 4 Quenel                                       Algacho (Anaham Lake)

June 5 Sugar Cane                                Red Stone

June 6 Alkali Lake                                Toosie

June 7 Canoe Creek Hot Spring           Canoe Creek Hot Spring



2 responses

31 05 2008

Blessings Brother Lobo! Keep up the good work!


2 06 2008

Hey Abel,

Ceci and Diego have been telling us your doing this awesome run. I didn’t know you ran, that’s very cool. Anywho, Daisy and I just wanted to wish you good luck on your journey. God bless 🙂

liZ 🙂

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