16 05 2008

Great PlaceMay 16, arrived in Carcross today from Whitehorse. The trip was short. We had about 11 runners today. Ron from Whitehorse who has been a runner in the past all the way to Panama ran with us as well. It was a great blessing being in Whitehorse for those 4 days. Even though the community has faced some difficult times recently, the energy we received was so uplifting. I hope we were able to give back as much. Again, a special thanks to all those that took care of us, we will take your messages with us to Panama. William presented a Diamond Willow staff along with 5 eagle feathers that will go will be added to the bundle of other sacred staffs. We also received other offerings to take with the bundle.
The Smith family Brian, Ann, Sean, Justin, Vincent and also shared some special energy with us. They sent there two sons to run with us. Justin is actually going to go with us all the way to Panama…!! I am looking forward to learning about traditional wood carving from him.
On the way to Carcoss we passed Emerald Lake. This is the most amazing lake I have ever seen..!! It is an amazing green color that has a glow to it. Seems like something from a fantasy story. We also passed a tiny desert with pine trees in it??
The community is nice here and we were greeted by the Chief and some educators that were having a meeting here. They all walked with us to the school where we are staying. The principal is really nice and has trusted us with the school. They are preparing food for us as well and we even did some rock climbing in the gym..!!



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22 05 2008

The emerald lake sounds beautiful. Up in Kanaskis country- a little east of BC- I remember coming across some glacier lakes that were this crazy light blue green color- completely out of the world. It is a beautiful planet we live on, thanks for the reminder of that.

27 05 2008
Jaime Diego

Sounds incredible! Proud of you- praying for all of you! Hope to meet up with you soon. Cuidate, JDC

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