Weak Knees, Yukon Alaska

11 05 2008

Sorry it’s been so long friends.

Last night we stayed in Haines Junction and got to sleep in a really cool place called the Youth Junction at The Sam Williams Youth Center.  We played video games, pool, guitars and much more, it was good break.

We didn’t have anyone to great us, but it gave us a chance to rest.  The last week has been a challenge physically.  We have done 10 days and my knees are not doing to well.  Most of the other runners are struggling as well.  We have a total of 15 people, but not all of us can run everyday, for various reasons.  We are averaging about 8 runners each day.  Two days ago we covered about 120 miles.  I ran at 10 of those and yesterday i ran about 6 miles.

The mountains are beautiful here.  I have seen so much snow covered peaks, they are all starting to look the same.  I saw my first glacier, it was near the road we were running on and to all of those Global Warming skeptics, all of the elders here have scene the changes first hand.  The environment is changing, animals are leaving and moving, the landscape looks different.

The Athabascan Nation is the larger Nation and most of the people we have met with are Athabascan, but from different clans.  Their languages vary a little, but most can understand each other.  The various villages we stop at all have differing views on reclaiming their culture.  Many are Christians, kinda like us Chicanos, but also recognize their native identity.  There are various stages of cultural knowledge.  In Kluane, 1st Nation, Yukon, for example their are only 7 native fluent speakers left that live in the community.

We spend as much time as possible speaking with the elders and others to learn their stories, language and culture.  It has been very enlightening for me.  I am learning so much.  We also share some about ourselves and culture.  We are also documenting as much as possible, when appropriate.

The runners in the group include people from New York, California, Washington, Arizona and New Mexico.

We will have a four day break when we reach White Horse, capitol of Yukon, Canada.  Hopefully, all the runners can heal up and get some of their needs met.

much love to the supporters putting in work back in the states and else where.



3 responses

11 05 2008

Hi friend,

I’ve been trying to reach ya! I didn’t know you started your journey yet. Much love to ya and let me know when you are passing through Cali again. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to hear more about your stories, struggles and learning as you continue your journey.


12 05 2008

Hi Love,

I just wanted to send my appreciation to you for your most recent blog and all the pictures- they are wonderful.
And a word of advice when you finish running on any particular day ice your knees… While your in my mother land it is likely you could just grab some snow and “chill out” for twenty minutes. Also use the stuff I gave you in that first aid kit. The ibuprofen and the athletic tape- it hurts because it is swollen…stop it from swelling. Also you can change your running stride a bit- instead of landing on your heals- run like a deer and land on the balls of your feet…its less jarring.

much love and respect.

PS Can’t wait for your next update.

14 05 2008

I’m so very proud of you!!! No vas solo, you carry with you, in your already strong spirit, the love, strength and support of your community~draw on it when you need to. The previous comment about the ibuprofen is right on.

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