Gulkana, Alaska Day 4 Our elder has passed on

4 05 2008

Hello everyone,

I have been in some remote areas of Alaska and have not been able to update everyone. It is day 4 of the journey and so much has happened that i will not be able to describe in the limited time i have to write this post. I am in a small Cristian/Native Village called Gulkana. The community has outlawed drugs and alcohol in this village to protect themselves. The people here are so great! It was a small group that welcomed us, but they took great care of us. We had a huge feast, with moose stew, salmon and much more. We offered a few songs to the community and Jose Malvido also gave one of the last elders of the village a P&D shirt from Arizona. The two last elders liked the songs and felt inspired to offer some of their traditional songs and dance…!!! it was truly amazing. One woman said she wished the young woman from her village would be interested in learning their traditional songs so she could teach them, because her voice was too old to sing.

On another note, I must offer this message to you all. An elder from Alaska, Philip “Denty” Owens left us and went to the spirit world on the first day of the run. He was so happy to be running with us on the journey. He had participated in 1992 when the run first started. He laid down in front of the mountains as we left Eklutna on our way to Chickaloon. He was a great man and we are blessed that he was with us for that first day. We love you Denty and will take your spirit with us to Panama.



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4 05 2008

Thanks for the update Abel….hope you all are
ok. Ill be checking your blog homie. Saludos a tod@s!

p.s. oooooh Salmon!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 05 2008

p.s.s Do you mind if I share your blog with myspace and other folks? Thanks again Abel!

5 05 2008
Mary Odden

Hi Abel–Good to meet you on the road. If you want a copy of our local paper article, email me. Safe travels.
-Mary and Jim, Nelchina, Ak

7 05 2008
Amado Guerrero

Send some pix whenever you can…i won’t be here when you come through sanjo, but i’ll have you in my thoughts. peace.

14 05 2008
Pat Gorman

Hello everyone. Glad you all have made it as far as you have. I try to go online everyday and see how far you have made it on your journey. It is exciting and good luck to all of you! My prayers are will all of you.

17 05 2008
Alfredo Trujillo

I saw Denty’s picture on the website and brought back memories of Denty pounding on his drum and telling stories on the journey in 1992,he was a great Warrior and will be missed…Prayers of Peace And Dignity to all…Stay strong on this journey……..1992 runner

17 05 2008


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