My First Day in Alaska…!!!

29 04 2008

Wow, so much to say, but i will try to keep it to the essentials.  My flight left San Francisco yesterday and I arrived in Anchorage, Alaska.  Another runner from San Diego was at the airport already and we met up.  We then had to wait for the runners who had driven to Alaska to pick us up from the airport in the P&D Van.

Berta from San Diego and I were starving so the runners took us to go grab some food.  We actually found some decent Mexican food in Anchorage.  I was against it, but i was hungry so we ate there.  After that we went on the search for some last minute items that people needed.  It was kinda weird because by the time we finished it was like 9pm but the sun was still in the sky.

We met up with Jose and a few more runners at a motel where we slept for the night.  On Thursday we will begin the run in Eklutna and head toward Chickaloon.Palmer, Alaska



2 responses

29 04 2008

Hey loko! good to hear you made it out safe to Alaska : ) Send my hellos to everybody! Sending y’all good energy. Be strong and get lots of rest.


1 05 2008

cool i like the pics…keep them coming. A pix is a thousand words…

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