Few more days till i’m off to Alaska

24 04 2008

Just so folks know what’s up,

I left San Diego on Monday and spent 12 hours on buses up to San Francisco.  I can say that the creator is already watching over me because some of my friends really came through in getting me safely to San Francisco.  I barely made my way up here on Greyhound then transfered to Megabus in Los Angeles.  I will be spending my last week here in San Francisco then flying out to Alaska on Monday, April 28.  Once i arrive i will be flying into Anchorage, then some compas will be picking me up where we will join a Potlatch for Chief Marie, an elder that recently passed away.  She has been involved in the run in the past and is the last of her nation to speak her native language.

From there we will officially begin the run on May 1, 2008.  It just so happens to be May Day around the world and will be pronounced with immigrant rights marches throughout the U.S.  In other words indigenous people or as the U.S. government calls them “illegal aliens” will take to the streets and demand to live in peace and dignity.

one struggle,


immigrant rights



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