Caminando Por Paz en San Diego y el Mundo (walking for peace in San Diego & the World

28 03 2008

Q-volé Raza,

So i finally got up to 4 miles on Sunday with my good friend Joe Lara. It felt good and i hope to push myself to 5 miles real soon.

Today I walked.

I joined Fernando Suarez de Solar y su esposa y otra gente to walk for peace. Fernando had a son that was one of the very first casulaties in Iraq. His son Jesus Alberto died on March 27 2003. To add insult to injury, the U.S. Military came to his house and lied to Señor Suarez to his face…!!! and told him he died of a shot to the head. This was a lie and was proven when Fernando insisted, despite military resistance to view the body that there was no bullet wound to his head but injuries to his lower body. This occured because he stepped on a cluster bomb that the U.S. had placed in Iraq. Cluster bombs are illegal according to the Geneva Convention and the UN.

To learn more about this story go to: Guerreo Azteca History

So today i walked through San Diego for many miles we ended at San Diego High School and stood outside and passed out fliers with more info about our caminata.



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