Physical preparation for run

14 03 2008

Howdy folks,

So i haven’t been back to my newly created blog since i created. i was thinking i would wait until i actually started the run before i returned, but i thought i should update folks on how it’s going so far.

Things have been great down here in San Diego. I’ve been reconnecting with a lot of my old friends from college that i haven’t seen in years. I have also been reconnecting with the Chicano and local Native community down here as well.

I have been doing some running around my neighborhood which has been good, except for the time this BIG HUGE PITBULL almost attacked me. It was crazy!!! i was just minding my own business and all of a sudden i hear the dog barking at me from nowhere. I stopped and turned around to yell at him to STOP THAT!! it actually worked. So i began walking away and he came at me again. This dance occured a couple more times. He finally left me alone. I so wanted to call animal control but i got too lazy and never called.

This week i took my dog Max with me to Chollas Lake. i use to go there with my friends when i was a kid. I ran around the lake a couple of times until Max got tired.

I also took my nephew Lil Eddie with me to go running around the San Diego Bay yesterday. That was nice. Did i mention how great the weather is here in San Diego?? oh man i could go running all year in this type of weather.

Plan to run tomorrow and get a longer distance in. trying to build up for those long days on the journey. I just found out today there is a stretch of run in San Diego that is 79 miles!!!!! hopefully we will have a lot of help so we can take a rest.

Much love to everyone. Headed to Oakland tomorrow for a Peace and Dignity statewide meeting and the art auction flyer san jose



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